Jan. 4th, 2009


Jan. 4th, 2009 07:00 pm
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I've probably posted about this before, but these kinds of articles make my heart ache and get me so very angry. The author Kristoff writes on his NYtimes blog about the op-ed pieces mentioning sanctions, cracking down on trafficking via the State department, etc. Frankly I think this kind of trafficking is going to be nigh impossible to fully eradicate, but awareness of STDs, enforcement of laws, and alternate economic opportunities will hopefully bring the number of "slaves" involved way down. Cultural/sociological shifts need to occur in many countries, including this one, in regards to how women are viewed, treated, and what opportunities are available.

There is often opposition to labeling one culture superior to one another or eradicating traditions that other cultures cherish. I however believe that around the world the idea of underage marriages/forced prostitution/trafficking needs to be eliminated. In this instance I would applaud imposition of cultural standards. I don't care if it has been passed down for hundreds of years or is considered acceptable by a religion. Humanity needs to collectively evolve and understand why this should not occur. For psychological, emotional, health, educational, and other reasons it should not be tolerated. The impact upon young girls (and boys for that matter) is immense (especially since many will die of AIDs or other health issues in their early 20's if they've been pressed into this life at the age of 14 or less) and corrosive to any society.

I found the articles themselves pretty intense, and what has happened to Long Pross is appalling. Why is human life so cheap to some people? How can human beings be so willing to treat another so badly? It can't just be about money or even the sense of power or control. Sure economic conditions/desperation might encourage this situation, but even so it's hard to understand or grasp the scale of people involved...which is in the millions.

Be well.


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