Feb. 26th, 2009

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Recently there was a crackdown on the Sinaloa cartel across the United States that resulted in 755 arrests. This pressure on the major drug cartels continues to mean they fight each other, and the Mexican authorities, ruthlessly. What's depressing is how Americans are not only the biggest market for the drugs, but we also blatantly arm the cartels. Northern Mexico becoming an "autonomous" region under control of drug cartels, kind of like how it is in parts of Pakistan, is so not acceptable. Assault weapon sales need to STOP. Mexican citizens are living in absolute fear and their military/law enforcement is getting outgunned. At this rate we will have to deploy more than just national guard troops but actual combat veterans to the Mexican border and even perhaps have to get involved militarily.

Oh and I'm feeling better. I checked more specifically for symptoms of Lyme disease, and it doesn't seem to be the case. I only mentioned it because one of the fencers has a long term chronic case, but it's not contagious from just being around people. It's more that what he was describing in terms of tiredness and aches/pains seemed similar. Thanks for the well wishes though.

The fencing season is over!...kind of sad that it feels like a weight is lifted from my shoulders...but coaching is so different from competing. It's also tough to do that on top of teaching. Blah. Maybe I'm just getting cranky in my "old" age. ;)

Be well.


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