Apr. 22nd, 2009

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Hmmm...I guess it's a case of try try again?

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I wonder how sessions 170 and 70 went? When do you accept that perhaps you are going to get no or bad intel? At that point is it just sadism?

I also thought this was amazing. I myself wasn't aware of some of the origins of these techniques. My "torture lore" is sadly lacking. You would think though that the people involved would have thought about it just a little bit?

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American soldiers are trained this way so it can't be bad! We prosecuted people who did this SO LONG AGO...and besides it was the Axis powers who did that! It's not torture if Americans do it! The torturer...I mean interrogator...has to be a GOOD GUY on the side of GOOD which makes his, or her (break down that glass ceiling in the exciting career of harsh interrogations!), actions GOOD.

Please. The hypocrisy and sanctimony is nauseating. If you are going to commit evil acts then do not try and pass them off as anything else. You may believe them necessary and justified, but do not try and say they are LEGAL or accepted. General Sherman, who with his army gutted the South and burnt Atlanta to the ground, said: “War is cruelty. There's no use trying to reform it. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over.” I can understand then the reasons behind these actions if it is for a "War on Terror" but this kind of thing was done in secret! Still doesn't change the fact that it is barbaric and probably causes more people to rise up and fight in protest.

Really it's the emotions of fear and a need for revenge that simply pushed people to do things they would not want to do normally and should not have done. American citizens, and citizens of other countries, endured these same methods in prior conflicts and those responsible were labeled as monsters or convicted of war crimes. Just because an American, or one of our allies, does this does not mean it is correct! It was torture then and it is torture now.

Bringing the people who are truly responsible to justice will involve so much time and money it boggles the mind. It also sets a nasty precedent of the party in power persecuting the party out of power. Still, someone needs to be punished for people to see that America's ideals are not completely hollow and as a deterrence against this kind of thing continuing.

Be well.


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