Aug. 14th, 2009

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I was just watching an ABC report about the threat level for the President going up and up as a result not only of his election but also this health care debate. According to them the secret service has already disrupted at least 3 attempts on his life by white supremacists, and the secret service/White House is "concerned". At a recent town hall meeting they had to gas a mentally disturbed guy in his car and arrest him because he had made previous threats against Obama's life. In New Hampshire a guy stood outside a town hall meeting with his gun on full display, which is perfectly legal, but no doubt nerve wracking to the secret service. The report also cited a spike in recruitment for various supremacists and militia groups, like the "Ohio militia", that is believed to be tied to Obama's election and a sense among Caucasians that they are "losing their country". The concern is that these groups will cause events like what happened in the 90's such as the Oklahoma City bombings, Atlanta bombings at the Olympics, or have standoffs with the government like at Waco.

The country is always changing and evolving. Violence and intimidation will not alter overall demographics. Why don't these people get that? There is no popular support for any kind of militant "revolution", even if you believe that the American people would be willing to do it. That's like the FARC in Colombia, or Basques in Spain, or the Tamils in Sri Lanka. The sad thing is that these white militants will claim to be persecuted like some of the ethnic minorities that have taken up arms even to the point of saying there is racism/reverse racism/whatever. I seriously doubt that most white militants have ever actually had to subsist/endure as a result of government action in extremely harsh conditions while in a war zone like what you can find in parts of South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Not like there's much I can do about this, except try and stay educated and educate others. Even if I could be accused of following my own dogma/biases/upbringing in my reaction, though I have developed my own opinions, I don't mind if that steers me towards violence as a last resort rather than as a primary means to effect domestic political change.

Be well.


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