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2013-03-09 01:34 pm

Push Start? No...KICK start.

So a little while ago [ profile] orpheusinhades linked to his cousins doing a Cover CD of Buddy Holly songs, which is awesome. I am totally down with the idea, backed it myself, and hope it gets funded.

In so doing, I revisited Kickstarter and got interested in a miniature game system that isn't too expensive and involves some pretty cool looking models and interesting game mechanic ideas. The one I'm really keen on though is a Napoleonic Era ship combat miniature game complete with neat looking models like the HMS Victory! Very cool.

Lots of other prep work happening as we get ready for the big H's arrival. Plenty of moving boxes and furniture around plus doing all the necessary prep work. I figure that while I'm spending some money on these friviolous pursuits it dwarfs in comparison to what is going to be shelled out for the baby. [ profile] bitsyboo has been doing well, though some days better than others, but now we're getting towards the home stretch. May is pretty close! Hopefully having parents fly out will be for the best rather than being a logistical hassle. Life moves on whether you're ready or not.

Be well.
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2009-10-28 10:52 pm

Generic Wandering Anime Character

Like this.

Primary means of engaging in combat: Sword OR Fists?

Which do you prefer?

EDIT-Looks like sword wins 4-2!

Be well.
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2009-08-31 02:20 pm

Hey Grad Students

Is this darkly amusing or funny cause it's true?

Be well.
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2009-08-26 05:44 pm

Buyer's Remorse

My proclivity for buying bargain DVDs at grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, etc. sometimes backfires.

I have a fondness for Get Shorty but despite the many talented/funny actors in it Be Cool is SO very terrible. Plot, script, acting, everything is awful.

Be well.
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2009-08-20 12:50 pm


Do you think it's harder to be a putpocket than a pickpocket?

Be well.
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2009-08-18 08:02 pm

District 9

After the hell of dealing with automated phone company menus PLUS the "disconnection office" that tries to do everything in their power including use of delays, bargaining, etc. to prevent one from actually completing what you're trying to do, I decided to catch a flick during the day. District 9 happened to be playing nearby and with a matinee showing too! Overall I liked it...though AGAIN parents brought children to this film. What is wrong with people??? This RATED R movie has more swear words per scene than Deadwood, bodies being blown apart, and extremely inappropriate/disturbing situations.

Spoilers Within )

Be well.
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2009-08-14 10:33 am

Don't want to get nervous about this, but I am.

I was just watching an ABC report about the threat level for the President going up and up as a result not only of his election but also this health care debate. According to them the secret service has already disrupted at least 3 attempts on his life by white supremacists, and the secret service/White House is "concerned". At a recent town hall meeting they had to gas a mentally disturbed guy in his car and arrest him because he had made previous threats against Obama's life. In New Hampshire a guy stood outside a town hall meeting with his gun on full display, which is perfectly legal, but no doubt nerve wracking to the secret service. The report also cited a spike in recruitment for various supremacists and militia groups, like the "Ohio militia", that is believed to be tied to Obama's election and a sense among Caucasians that they are "losing their country". The concern is that these groups will cause events like what happened in the 90's such as the Oklahoma City bombings, Atlanta bombings at the Olympics, or have standoffs with the government like at Waco.

The country is always changing and evolving. Violence and intimidation will not alter overall demographics. Why don't these people get that? There is no popular support for any kind of militant "revolution", even if you believe that the American people would be willing to do it. That's like the FARC in Colombia, or Basques in Spain, or the Tamils in Sri Lanka. The sad thing is that these white militants will claim to be persecuted like some of the ethnic minorities that have taken up arms even to the point of saying there is racism/reverse racism/whatever. I seriously doubt that most white militants have ever actually had to subsist/endure as a result of government action in extremely harsh conditions while in a war zone like what you can find in parts of South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Not like there's much I can do about this, except try and stay educated and educate others. Even if I could be accused of following my own dogma/biases/upbringing in my reaction, though I have developed my own opinions, I don't mind if that steers me towards violence as a last resort rather than as a primary means to effect domestic political change.

Be well.
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2009-08-13 10:36 am

Art Mimics Life?

This is seriously James Bond opening scene material.

Last radio contact with the Arctic Sea was on July 28 from the Dover Strait between Britain and France. Shortly afterwards an electronic signal showing its location was turned off.

Russia's domestic intelligence service, the FSB, was helping to investigate the mystery and its agents were at the offices of Solchart Arkhangelsk, which is listed as the ship's owner, Russian media reported.

Mikhail Boytenko, editor of Russia's respected Sovfracht maritime journal, said that the ship may have been carrying a secret cargo unknown to the vessel's owners or operators.

"I think there was probably some sort of secret cargo on this vessel, not criminal but secret," he told Reuters.

"I don't think that it was pirates who took this vessel but it really smells of some sort of state involvement. This is real cloak and dagger stuff, like a (John) le Carre novel."

Piracy in European waters is kind of I kind of agree that there has to be another angle be it personal, geopolitical, or major profit potential rather than just hijacking timber.

Be well.
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2009-08-11 10:50 am

A special day!

What day you ask? Why the birthday of the lovely [ profile] bitsyboo! Happy Birthday! Loves!

Be well.
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2009-07-23 11:45 am

Pillow Sleeves and Obsessed Fan

This article about a subset of Otaku into "body pillows" is quite disturbing. It makes me wonder if people in other cultures, as anime/otaku culture has gone global, have the same fetish/depth of emotion. The article is somewhat graphic in a few parts, but here's an excerpt:

She lifted him right out of his misery. “It’s hard to explain in words, but it’s a feeling similar to romance. Sasami gave me the will to keep going.” Since then, Okayama has turned to 2-D for all his emotional needs — the desire to buy new anime helped him get through a period of unemployment in 2003, and his body-pillow girlfriends, whom he dates two or three at a time, consoled him when his first real-life girlfriend dumped him in 2007.

“I was steps away from getting married,” he explained earnestly when prodded about his experience. “You have to make sure you don’t hurt a real person; you have to watch what you say, and you have to keep your room clean. In Japan, it’s not O.K. to like another person if you’re already with somebody else. With an anime character, you can like one character one day and a different character the next.”

Interestingly the article mentions that women as well as men have these strong feelings, though it does mention that the majority are men. The author also is really not objective, as her feelings about the situation seem very clear, not that I had a problem with that.

The New York times linked to the article writer's blog where I found this video of a Japanese fan-girl interviewing Rubert Grint a. k. a. Ron. She's very enthusiastic...and odd, but it's an amusing video.

Be well.
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2009-07-13 02:35 pm

It's getting near dawn, when lights close their tired eyes...

Currently ripping tracks from CDs to upload to my new ipod, and I had forgotten how much I liked Eric Clapton and Cream. Such bad ass guitar work.

Be well.
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2009-07-10 02:38 pm

Totally didn't know that Jeff Goldblum had been declared dead via Twitter

But Stephen Colbert knew and even had Goldblum on the show.

Jeff Goldblum's eulogy on himself: "No one will miss Jeff Goldblum more than me," he said. "He was not only a friend and a mentor, but he was also, um, me. Jeff Goldblum's performances combined the muscularity of Brando, the pathos of Streep and the musky sensuality of a pride of baboons. One former conquest raved that sleeping with Jeff Goldblum was like—quote—being caught in a flesh storm with a 90 percent chance of satisfaction—unquote. That's verbatim."

He will be missed.

Be well.
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2009-06-24 07:09 am

The Sun may rise in the East, at least it settles in the final location...

Heading out to SoCal in a few minutes to see my parents with [ profile] bitsyboo. Will have little to no internet contact for a week. Keep safe people, and don't wreck the place! Take care.

Be well.
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2009-06-23 04:26 pm

I'm generally pro-union, but this is kind of insane...

I mean I can see why it might literally drive teachers crazy to be in this kind of situation. Reporting to work for 5-6 years to do nothing would be so...strange...especially when surrounded by other people who have been labeled as incompetents, delinquents, or troublemakers. I recognize that there are people who probably don't belong in a classroom, but I find this bizarre and sad at the same time.

Be well.
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2009-06-05 11:28 am

Traditional Exploit

While this may not actually be a widespread phenomenon (as there is not enough data to support that), it is still very sad that these villagers in China were scammed out of several years of farming income. One child policy plus preference for boys plus 32 million more men than women plus bride prices equals exploitable circumstance for con artists/criminal networks.

Be well.
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2009-05-15 07:21 am

For people who don't like water!

Because this must be shared (ganked from [ profile] allhailkatt). Do not mess with Rubberduckzilla. It will only go badly.

Grading...moving along at a good pace. Endgame PEL nearly complete. Aralis good as it's going to get I think? Not looking forward to the drive, but I am keen for the event.

Be well.
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2009-04-22 10:39 am

"THIS time it's going to work!"

Hmmm...I guess it's a case of try try again?

An excerpt )

I wonder how sessions 170 and 70 went? When do you accept that perhaps you are going to get no or bad intel? At that point is it just sadism?

I also thought this was amazing. I myself wasn't aware of some of the origins of these techniques. My "torture lore" is sadly lacking. You would think though that the people involved would have thought about it just a little bit?

Another excerpt )

American soldiers are trained this way so it can't be bad! We prosecuted people who did this SO LONG AGO...and besides it was the Axis powers who did that! It's not torture if Americans do it! The torturer...I mean interrogator...has to be a GOOD GUY on the side of GOOD which makes his, or her (break down that glass ceiling in the exciting career of harsh interrogations!), actions GOOD.

Please. The hypocrisy and sanctimony is nauseating. If you are going to commit evil acts then do not try and pass them off as anything else. You may believe them necessary and justified, but do not try and say they are LEGAL or accepted. General Sherman, who with his army gutted the South and burnt Atlanta to the ground, said: “War is cruelty. There's no use trying to reform it. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over.” I can understand then the reasons behind these actions if it is for a "War on Terror" but this kind of thing was done in secret! Still doesn't change the fact that it is barbaric and probably causes more people to rise up and fight in protest.

Really it's the emotions of fear and a need for revenge that simply pushed people to do things they would not want to do normally and should not have done. American citizens, and citizens of other countries, endured these same methods in prior conflicts and those responsible were labeled as monsters or convicted of war crimes. Just because an American, or one of our allies, does this does not mean it is correct! It was torture then and it is torture now.

Bringing the people who are truly responsible to justice will involve so much time and money it boggles the mind. It also sets a nasty precedent of the party in power persecuting the party out of power. Still, someone needs to be punished for people to see that America's ideals are not completely hollow and as a deterrence against this kind of thing continuing.

Be well.
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2009-04-08 03:37 pm


At least a few people on my friends list will be interested in this. [ profile] egowumpus and [ profile] evilmagnus I'm looking at you.

Be well.