Mar. 18th, 2009

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Good for these women taking steps to defend themselves. The crazy part of this article are the stats cited from the Egyptian Centre for Women's Rights.

Harassment is...

Experienced by 98% of foreign women visitors
Experienced by 83% of Egyptian women
62% of Egyptian men admitted harassing women
53% of Egyptian men blame women for 'bringing it on'

And then the author of the report is quoted as saying: "Most of the people we questioned said there wouldn't be such harassment if women dressed in a modest way. But when we questioned women on what they were wearing when they were abused more than 70% said they were wearing a headscarf."

I find the 98 percent statistic a bit hard to believe...but maybe? I mean it's not like this country is a paragon of correct behavior(I just recently saw a CBS broadcast about sexual assaults in the U. S. military which stated that about a third of women serving have been harassed/attacked and the cases are WOEFULLY underreported and prosecuted by the J. A. G. corps...with the punishments in the military code of justice not really comparable to civilian punishments.).

Look even in a place where people expect to be hit on/flirted with such as a club or party or whatever there are still appropriate forms of behavior. People need to keep it to those venues first of all and second think about what happens afterward...and perhaps try to consider it from the perspective of the individual whose space/person is invaded. Even in the one in a million chance that the advance is reacted to appropriately, what does it say about the person making such an advance? Keep grabbing until you get lucky? I don't think so, and neither does the law.

Be well.


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